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Offline (LAN) Online
1v1 WCC Rivals PUBG Mobile
DateGamePrizepool (G Tokens)RegistrationBracketsSchedule
June 3DOTA 2 1v1 Online T1 1500 ClosedLinkLink
June 4CS:GO 1v1 Online T11500ClosedLinkLink
June 5FIFA 19 Online T11500ClosedLinkLink
June 6DOTA 2 1v1 Online T21500ClosedLinkLink
June 10DOTA 2 1v1 Online T31500ClosedLinkLink
June 11CS:GO 1v1 Online T21500ClosedLinkLink
June 12FIFA 19 Online T21500ClosedLinkLink
June 13CS:GO 1v1 Online T31500ClosedLinkLink
June 17DOTA 2 1v1 Online T41500ClosedLinkLink
June 18CS:GO 1v1 Online T41500ClosedLinkLink
June 19FIFA 19 Online T31500ClosedLinkLink
June 20FIFA 19 Online T41500ClosedLinkLink
June 24DOTA 2 1v1 Online T51500ClosedLinkLink
June 25CS:GO 1v1 Online T51500ClosedLinkTBA
June 26FIFA 19 Online T51500ClosedLinkLink
June 27DOTA 2 1v1 Online T61500ClosedLinkLink
July 1DOTA 2 1v1 Online T71500ClosedLinkLink
July 2CS:GO 1v1 Online T61500ClosedLinkLink
July 3FIFA 19 Online T61500ClosedLinkTBA
July 4CS:GO 1v1 Online T71500ClosedLinkTBA
July 8DOTA 2 1v1 Online T81500ClosedLinkTBA
July 9CS:GO 1v1 Online T81500ClosedLinkTBA
July 10FIFA 19 Online T71500ClosedLinkTBA
July 11FIFA 19 Online T81500ClosedLinkTBA
July 15DOTA 2 1v1 Online T91500ClosedLinkTBA
July 16CS:GO 1v1 Online T91500ClosedLinkTBA
July 17FIFA 19 Online T91500ClosedLinkTBA
July 18DOTA 2 1v1 Online T101500ClosedLinkTBA
July 22DOTA 2 1v1 Online T111500ClosedLinkTBA
July 23CS:GO 1v1 Online T101500ClosedLinkTBA
July 24FIFA 19 Online T101500ClosedLinkTBA
July 25CS:GO 1v1 Online T111500ClosedLinkTBA
July 29DOTA 2 1v1 Online T121500ClosedLinkTBA
July 30CS:GO 1v1 Online T121500ClosedLinkTBA
July 31FIFA 19 Online T111500ClosedLinkTBA
August 1FIFA 19 Online T121500ClosedLinkTBA
August 5DOTA 2 1v1 Online T131500ClosedLinkTBA
August 6CS:GO 1v1 Online T131500ClosedLinkTBA
August 7FIFA 19 Online T131500ClosedLinkTBA
August 8DOTA 2 1v1 Online T141500ClosedLinkTBA
August 12DOTA 2 1v1 Online T151500ClosedLinkTBA
August 13CS:GO 1v1 Online T141500ClosedLinkTBA
August 14FIFA 19 Online T141500ClosedLinkTBA
August 15CS:GO 1v1 Online T151500ClosedLinkTBA
August 19DOTA 2 1v1 Online T161500ClosedLinkTBA
August 20CS:GO 1v1 Online T161500ClosedLinkTBA
August 21FIFA 19 Online T151500ClosedLinkTBA
August 22FIFA 19 Online T161500ClosedLinkTBA
August 26DOTA 2 1v1 Online T171500ClosedLinkTBA
August 27CS:GO 1v1 Online T171500ClosedLinkTBA
August 28FIFA 19 Online T171500ClosedLinkTBA
August 29DOTA 2 1v1 Online T181500ClosedLinkTBA
September 2DOTA 2 1v1 Online T191500ClosedLinkTBA
September 3CS:GO 1v1 Online T181500ClosedLinkTBA
September 4FIFA 19 Online T181500ClosedLinkTBA
September 5CS:GO 1v1 Online T191500ClosedLinkTBA
September 9DOTA 2 1v1 Online T201500ClosedLinkTBA
September 10CS:GO 1v1 Online T201500ClosedLinkTBA
September 11FIFA 19 Online T191500ClosedLinkTBA
September 12FIFA 19 Online T201500ClosedLinkTBA
September 16DOTA 2 1v1 Online T211500ClosedLinkTBA
September 17CS:GO 1v1 Online T211500ClosedLinkTBA
September 18FIFA 19 Online T211500ClosedLinkTBA
September 19DOTA 2 1v1 Online T221500ClosedLinkTBA
September 23DOTA 2 1v1 Online T231500ClosedLinkTBA
September 24CS:GO 1v1 Online T221500ClosedLinkTBA
September 25FIFA 19 Online T221500ClosedLinkTBA
September 26CS:GO 1v1 Online T231500ClosedLinkTBA
September 30DOTA 2 1v1 Online T241500ClosedLinkTBA
October 1CS:GO 1v1 Online T241500ClosedLinkTBA
October 2FIFA 19 Online T231500ClosedLinkTBA
October 3FIFA 19 Online T241500ClosedLinkTBA
October 7DOTA 2 1v1 Online T251500ClosedLinkTBA
October 8CS:GO 1v1 Online T251500ClosedLinkTBA
October 9FIFA 19 Online T251500ClosedLinkTBA
October 10DOTA 2 1v1 Online T261500ClosedLinkTBA
October 14DOTA 2 1v1 Online T271500ClosedLinkTBA
October 15CS:GO 1v1 Online T261500ClosedLinkTBA
October 16FIFA 19 Online T261500ClosedLinkTBA
October 17CS:GO 1v1 Online T271500ClosedLinkTBA
October 21DOTA 2 1v1 Online T281500ClosedLinkTBA
October 22CS:GO 1v1 Online T281500ClosedLinkTBA
October 23FIFA 19 Online T271500ClosedLinkTBA
October 24FIFA 19 Online T281500ClosedLinkTBA
October 28DOTA 2 1v1 Online T291500ClosedLinkTBA
October 29CS:GO 1v1 Online T291500ClosedLinkTBA
October 30FIFA 19 Online T291500ClosedLinkTBA
October 31DOTA 2 1v1 Online T301500ClosedLinkTBA
November 4DOTA 2 1v1 Online T311500ClosedLinkTBA
November 5CS:GO 1v1 Online T301500ClosedLinkTBA
November 6FIFA 19 Online T301500ClosedLinkTBA
November 7CS:GO 1v1 Online T311500ClosedLinkTBA
November 11DOTA 2 1v1 Online T321500ClosedLinkTBA
November 12CS:GO 1v1 Online T321500ClosedLinkTBA
November 13FIFA 19 Online T311500ClosedLinkTBA
November 14FIFA 19 Online T321500ClosedLinkTBA
November 18DOTA 2 1v1 Online T331500ClosedLinkTBA
November 19CS:GO 1v1 Online T331500ClosedLinkTBA
November 20FIFA 19 Online T331500ClosedLinkTBA
November 21DOTA 2 1v1 Online T341500ClosedLinkTBA
November 25DOTA 2 1v1 Online T351500ClosedLinkTBA
November 26CS:GO 1v1 Online T341500ClosedLinkTBA
November 27FIFA 19 Online T341500ClosedLinkTBA
November 28CS:GO 1v1 Online T351500ClosedLinkTBA
December 2DOTA 2 1v1 Online T361500ClosedLinkTBA
December 3CS:GO 1v1 Online T361500ClosedLinkTBA
December 4FIFA 19 Online T351500ClosedLinkTBA
December 5FIFA 19 Online T361500ClosedLinkTBA
December 9DOTA 2 1v1 Online T371500ClosedTBATBA
December 10CS:GO 1v1 Online T371500ClosedTBATBA
December 11FIFA 19 Online T371500ClosedTBATBA
December 12DOTA 2 1v1 Online T381500ClosedTBATBA
December 16DOTA 2 1v1 Online T391500ClosedTBATBA
December 17CS:GO 1v1 Online T381500ClosedTBATBA
December 18FIFA 19 Online T381500ClosedTBATBA
December 19CS:GO 1v1 Online T391500ClosedTBATBA
December 23DOTA 2 1v1 Online T401500ClosedTBATBA
December 24CS:GO 1v1 Online T401500ClosedTBATBA
December 25FIFA 19 Online T391500ClosedTBATBA
December 26FIFA 19 Online T401500ClosedTBATBA
DateGamePrizepool (INR)RegistrationBracketsSchedule
June 3WCC Rivals Hourly T1350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 3WCC Rivals Hourly T2350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 4WCC Rivals Hourly T3350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 4WCC Rivals Hourly T4350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 5WCC Rivals Hourly T5350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 5WCC Rivals Hourly T6350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 6WCC Rivals Hourly T7350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 6WCC Rivals Hourly T8350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 7WCC Rivals Hourly T9350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 7WCC Rivals Hourly T10350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 10WCC Rivals Hourly T11350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 10WCC Rivals Hourly T12350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 11WCC Rivals Hourly T13350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 11WCC Rivals Hourly T14350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 12WCC Rivals Hourly T15350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 12WCC Rivals Hourly T16350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 13WCC Rivals Hourly T17350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 13WCC Rivals Hourly T18350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 14WCC Rivals Hourly T19350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 14WCC Rivals Hourly T20350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 17WCC Rivals Hourly T21350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 17WCC Rivals Hourly T22350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 18WCC Rivals Hourly T23350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 18WCC Rivals Hourly T24350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 19WCC Rivals Hourly T25350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 19WCC Rivals Hourly T26350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 20WCC Rivals Hourly T27350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 20WCC Rivals Hourly T28350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 21WCC Rivals Hourly T29350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 21WCC Rivals Hourly T30350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 24WCC Rivals Hourly T31350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 24WCC Rivals Hourly T32350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 25WCC Rivals Hourly T33350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 25WCC Rivals Hourly T34350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 26WCC Rivals Hourly T35350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 26WCC Rivals Hourly T36350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 27WCC Rivals Hourly T37350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 27WCC Rivals Hourly T38350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 28WCC Rivals Hourly T39350CLOSEDLinkLink
June 28WCC Rivals Hourly T40350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 1WCC Rivals Hourly T41350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 1WCC Rivals Hourly T42350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 2WCC Rivals Hourly T43350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 2WCC Rivals Hourly T44350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 3WCC Rivals Hourly T45350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 3WCC Rivals Hourly T46350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 4WCC Rivals Hourly T47350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 4WCC Rivals Hourly T48350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 5WCC Rivals Hourly T49350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 5WCC Rivals Hourly T50350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 8WCC Rivals Hourly T51350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 8WCC Rivals Hourly T52350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 9WCC Rivals Hourly T53350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 9WCC Rivals Hourly T54350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 10WCC Rivals Hourly T55350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 10WCC Rivals Hourly T56350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 11WCC Rivals Hourly T57350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 11WCC Rivals Hourly T58350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 12WCC Rivals Hourly T59350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 12WCC Rivals Hourly T60350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 15WCC Rivals Hourly T61350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 15WCC Rivals Hourly T62350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 16WCC Rivals Hourly T63350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 16WCC Rivals Hourly T64350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 17WCC Rivals Hourly T65350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 17WCC Rivals Hourly T66350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 18WCC Rivals Hourly T67350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 18WCC Rivals Hourly T68350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 19WCC Rivals Hourly T69350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 19WCC Rivals Hourly T70350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 22WCC Rivals Hourly T71350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 22WCC Rivals Hourly T72350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 23WCC Rivals Hourly T73350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 23WCC Rivals Hourly T74350CLOSEDLinkLink
July 24WCC Rivals Hourly T75350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 24WCC Rivals Hourly T76350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 25WCC Rivals Hourly T77350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 25WCC Rivals Hourly T78350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 26WCC Rivals Hourly T79350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 26WCC Rivals Hourly T80350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 29WCC Rivals Hourly T81350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 29WCC Rivals Hourly T82350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 30WCC Rivals Hourly T83350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 30WCC Rivals Hourly T84350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 31WCC Rivals Hourly T85350CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 31WCC Rivals Hourly T86350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 1WCC Rivals Hourly T87350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 1WCC Rivals Hourly T88350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 2WCC Rivals Hourly T89350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 2WCC Rivals Hourly T90350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 5WCC Rivals Hourly T91350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 5WCC Rivals Hourly T92350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 6WCC Rivals Hourly T93350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 6WCC Rivals Hourly T94350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 7WCC Rivals Hourly T95350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 7WCC Rivals Hourly T96350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 8WCC Rivals Hourly T97350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 8WCC Rivals Hourly T98350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 9WCC Rivals Hourly T99350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 9WCC Rivals Hourly T100350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 12WCC Rivals Hourly T101350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 12WCC Rivals Hourly T102350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 13WCC Rivals Hourly T103350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 13WCC Rivals Hourly T104350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 14WCC Rivals Hourly T105350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 14WCC Rivals Hourly T106350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 15WCC Rivals Hourly T107350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 15WCC Rivals Hourly T108350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 16WCC Rivals Hourly T109350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 16WCC Rivals Hourly T110350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 19WCC Rivals Hourly T111350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 19WCC Rivals Hourly T112350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 20WCC Rivals Hourly T113350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 20WCC Rivals Hourly T114350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 21WCC Rivals Hourly T115350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 21WCC Rivals Hourly T116350CLOSEDLinkTBA
August 22WCC Rivals Hourly T117350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 22WCC Rivals Hourly T118350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 23WCC Rivals Hourly T119350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 23WCC Rivals Hourly T120350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 26WCC Rivals Hourly T121350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 26WCC Rivals Hourly T122350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 27WCC Rivals Hourly T123350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 27WCC Rivals Hourly T124350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 28WCC Rivals Hourly T125350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 28WCC Rivals Hourly T126350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 29WCC Rivals Hourly T127350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 29WCC Rivals Hourly T128350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 30WCC Rivals Hourly T129350CLOSEDTBATBA
August 30WCC Rivals Hourly T130350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 2WCC Rivals Hourly T131350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 2WCC Rivals Hourly T132350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 3WCC Rivals Hourly T133350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 3WCC Rivals Hourly T134350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 4WCC Rivals Hourly T135350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 4WCC Rivals Hourly T136350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 5WCC Rivals Hourly T137350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 5WCC Rivals Hourly T138350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 6WCC Rivals Hourly T139350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 6WCC Rivals Hourly T140350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 9WCC Rivals Hourly T141350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 9WCC Rivals Hourly T142350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 10WCC Rivals Hourly T143350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 10WCC Rivals Hourly T144350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 11WCC Rivals Hourly T145350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 11WCC Rivals Hourly T146350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 12WCC Rivals Hourly T147350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 12WCC Rivals Hourly T148350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 13WCC Rivals Hourly T149350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 13WCC Rivals Hourly T150350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 16WCC Rivals Hourly T151350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 16WCC Rivals Hourly T152350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 17WCC Rivals Hourly T153350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 17WCC Rivals Hourly T154350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 18WCC Rivals Hourly T155350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 18WCC Rivals Hourly T156350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 19WCC Rivals Hourly T157350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 19WCC Rivals Hourly T158350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 20WCC Rivals Hourly T159350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 20WCC Rivals Hourly T160350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 23WCC Rivals Hourly T161350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 23WCC Rivals Hourly T162350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 24WCC Rivals Hourly T163350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 24WCC Rivals Hourly T164350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 25WCC Rivals Hourly T165350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 25WCC Rivals Hourly T166350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 26WCC Rivals Hourly T167350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 26WCC Rivals Hourly T168350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 27WCC Rivals Hourly T169350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 27WCC Rivals Hourly T170350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 30WCC Rivals Hourly T171350CLOSEDTBATBA
September 30WCC Rivals Hourly T172350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 1WCC Rivals Hourly T173350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 1WCC Rivals Hourly T174350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 2WCC Rivals Hourly T175350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 2WCC Rivals Hourly T176350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 3WCC Rivals Hourly T177350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 3WCC Rivals Hourly T178350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 4WCC Rivals Hourly T179350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 4WCC Rivals Hourly T180350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 7WCC Rivals Hourly T181350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 7WCC Rivals Hourly T182350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 8WCC Rivals Hourly T183350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 8WCC Rivals Hourly T184350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 9WCC Rivals Hourly T185350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 9WCC Rivals Hourly T186350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 10WCC Rivals Hourly T187350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 10WCC Rivals Hourly T188350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 11WCC Rivals Hourly T189350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 11WCC Rivals Hourly T190350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 14WCC Rivals Hourly T191350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 14WCC Rivals Hourly T192350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 15WCC Rivals Hourly T193350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 15WCC Rivals Hourly T194350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 16WCC Rivals Hourly T195350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 16WCC Rivals Hourly T196350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 17WCC Rivals Hourly T197350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 17WCC Rivals Hourly T198350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 18WCC Rivals Hourly T199350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 18WCC Rivals Hourly T200350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 21WCC Rivals Hourly T201350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 21WCC Rivals Hourly T202350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 22WCC Rivals Hourly T203350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 22WCC Rivals Hourly T204350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 23WCC Rivals Hourly T205350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 23WCC Rivals Hourly T206350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 24WCC Rivals Hourly T207350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 24WCC Rivals Hourly T208350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 25WCC Rivals Hourly T209350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 25WCC Rivals Hourly T210350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 28WCC Rivals Hourly T211350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 28WCC Rivals Hourly T212350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 29WCC Rivals Hourly T213350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 29WCC Rivals Hourly T214350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 30WCC Rivals Hourly T215350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 30WCC Rivals Hourly T216350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 31WCC Rivals Hourly T217350CLOSEDTBATBA
October 31WCC Rivals Hourly T218350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 1WCC Rivals Hourly T219350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 1WCC Rivals Hourly T220350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 4WCC Rivals Hourly T221350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 4WCC Rivals Hourly T222350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 5WCC Rivals Hourly T223350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 5WCC Rivals Hourly T224350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 6WCC Rivals Hourly T225350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 6WCC Rivals Hourly T226350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 7WCC Rivals Hourly T227350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 7WCC Rivals Hourly T228350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 8WCC Rivals Hourly T229350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 8WCC Rivals Hourly T230350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 11WCC Rivals Hourly T231350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 11WCC Rivals Hourly T232350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 12WCC Rivals Hourly T233350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 12WCC Rivals Hourly T234350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 13WCC Rivals Hourly T235350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 13WCC Rivals Hourly T236350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 14WCC Rivals Hourly T237350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 14WCC Rivals Hourly T238350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 15WCC Rivals Hourly T239350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 15WCC Rivals Hourly T240350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 18WCC Rivals Hourly T241350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 18WCC Rivals Hourly T242350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 19WCC Rivals Hourly T243350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 19WCC Rivals Hourly T244350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 20WCC Rivals Hourly T245350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 20WCC Rivals Hourly T246350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 21WCC Rivals Hourly T247350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 21WCC Rivals Hourly T248350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 22WCC Rivals Hourly T249350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 22WCC Rivals Hourly T250350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 25WCC Rivals Hourly T251350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 25WCC Rivals Hourly T252350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 26WCC Rivals Hourly T253350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 26WCC Rivals Hourly T254350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 27WCC Rivals Hourly T255350CLOSEDLinkTBA
November 27WCC Rivals Hourly T256350CLOSEDLinkTBA
November 28WCC Rivals Hourly T257350CLOSEDLinkTBA
November 28WCC Rivals Hourly T258350CLOSEDLinkTBA
November 29WCC Rivals Hourly T259350CLOSEDTBATBA
November 29WCC Rivals Hourly T260350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 2WCC Rivals Hourly T261350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 2WCC Rivals Hourly T262350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 3WCC Rivals Hourly T263350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 3WCC Rivals Hourly T264350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 4WCC Rivals Hourly T265350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 4WCC Rivals Hourly T266350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 5WCC Rivals Hourly T267350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 5WCC Rivals Hourly T268350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 6WCC Rivals Hourly T269350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 6WCC Rivals Hourly T270350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 9WCC Rivals Hourly T271350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 9WCC Rivals Hourly T272350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 10WCC Rivals Hourly T273350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 10WCC Rivals Hourly T274350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 11WCC Rivals Hourly T275350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 11WCC Rivals Hourly T276350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 12WCC Rivals Hourly T277350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 12WCC Rivals Hourly T278350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 13WCC Rivals Hourly T279350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 13WCC Rivals Hourly T280350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 16WCC Rivals Hourly T281350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 16WCC Rivals Hourly T282350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 17WCC Rivals Hourly T283350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 17WCC Rivals Hourly T284350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 18WCC Rivals Hourly T285350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 18WCC Rivals Hourly T286350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 19WCC Rivals Hourly T287350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 19WCC Rivals Hourly T288350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 20WCC Rivals Hourly T289350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 20WCC Rivals Hourly T290350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 23WCC Rivals Hourly T291350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 23WCC Rivals Hourly T292350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 24WCC Rivals Hourly T293350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 24WCC Rivals Hourly T294350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 25WCC Rivals Hourly T295350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 25WCC Rivals Hourly T296350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 26WCC Rivals Hourly T297350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 26WCC Rivals Hourly T298350CLOSEDTBATBA
December 27WCC Rivals Hourly T299350RegisterTBATBA
December 27WCC Rivals Hourly T300350RegisterTBATBA
DateGamePrizepool (INR)Prizepool (G Tokens)RegistrationBracketsSchedule
July 1-5PUBG Mobile Minor 1250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
July 8-12PUBG Mobile Minor 2250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
July 15-19PUBG Mobile Minor 3250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
July 22-26 PUBG Mobile Minor 4250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 26-30PUBG Mobile Minor 5250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 2-6PUBG Mobile Minor 6250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 9-13PUBG Mobile Minor 7250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 16-20PUBG Mobile Minor 8250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 30-Oct 4PUBG Mobile Minor 9250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 7-11PUBG Mobile Minor 10250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 14-18PUBG Mobile Minor 11250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 21-25PUBG Mobile Minor 12250008000CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 4-8PUBG Mobile Minor 13250008000RegisterTBATBA
Nov 11-15PUBG Mobile Minor 14250008000RegisterTBATBA
Nov 18-22PUBG Mobile Minor 15250008000RegisterTBATBA
Nov 25 - 29PUBG Mobile Minor 16250008000RegisterTBATBA
Minors 1v1
DateGamePrizepool (INR)Prizepool (G Tokens)CityCafeRegistrationBracketsScheduleMedia
June 8 - 9CS:GO10000010000BengaluruLXG, BengaluruCLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 8 - 9DOTA 25000010000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 8 - 9DOTA 22500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 8 - 9FIFA 19200002000GuwahatiGamers DenCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 8 - 9WCC Rivals65002000BengaluruLXG, BengaluruCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 15 - 16CS:GO5000010000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 15 - 16CS:GO5000010000MumbaiCircle Gaming LoungeCLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 15 - 16DOTA 25000010000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 15 - 16FIFA 19200002000CoimbatoreBattlegroundsCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 15 - 16FIFA 19200002000BhopalPowerplayCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 15 - 16WCC Rivals65002000MumbaiCircle Gaming LoungeCLOSEDTBANALink
June 22 - 23CS:GO5000010000BubaneshwarEsports Fight ClubCLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 22 - 23DOTA 210000010000BengaluruBlitz ZoneCLOSEDlinkLinkLink
June 22 - 23DOTA 25000010000JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports ArenaCLOSEDLinkTBALink
June 22 - 23FIFA 19100002000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 22 - 23WCC Rivals65002000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDLinkNALink
June 29 - 30CS:GO5000010000KolkataZoneCLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 29 - 30CS:GO5000010000DeheradunRoty's Den. E - Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.CLOSEDLinkLinkLink
June 29 - 30DOTA 25000010000MumbaiCircle Gaming LoungeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
June 29 - 30FIFA 19100002000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkNATBA
June 29 - 30WCC Rivals65002000KolkataZoneCLOSEDLinkNATBA
July 6 - 7CS:GO5000010000GuwahatiHopperz ArenaCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 6 - 7CS:GO10000010000MumbaiFidato GamingCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 6 - 7DOTA 210000010000IndoreDomin8 Esports CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 6 - 7WCC Rivals65002000MumbaiFidato GamingCLOSEDLinkNATBA
July 13 - 14CS:GO10000010000HyderabadGamers GuildCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 13 - 14CS:GO2500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 13 - 14DOTA 210000010000DelhiUnited Gamers NetworkCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
July 13 - 14DOTA 25000010000CuttackARGACLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 13 - 14FIFA 19100002000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDLinkNATBA
July 13 - 14WCC Rivals65002000HyderabadGamers GuildCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
July 20 - 21CS:GO5000010000LucknowGG Gaming CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 20 - 21CS:GO5000010000KochiWoot GamingCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 20 - 21DOTA 210000010000ChennaiARK8 GamingCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
July 20 - 21WCC Rivals65002000KochiWoot GamingCLOSEDTBATBATBA
July 27 - 28 CS:GO10000010000GuwahatiGamers DenCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 27 - 28 DOTA 22500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
July 27 - 28DOTA 25000010000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
July 27 - 28FIFA 19100002000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
July 27 - 28FIFA 19100002000DeheradunRoty's Den. E - Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.CLOSEDLinkTBATBA
July 27 - 28 WCC Rivals65002000GuwahatiGamers DenCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Aug 3 - 4CS:GO10000010000AhmedabadDistrict 9CLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 3 - 4DOTA 210000010000BengaluruLXG, BengaluruCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 3 - 4DOTA 25000010000KolkataZoneCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 3 - 4FIFA 19200002000Pune IntencityCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Aug 3 - 4WCC Rivals65002000AhmedabadDistrict 9CLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 10 - 11CS:GO10000010000CoimbatoreBattlegroundsCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 10 - 11CS:GO10000010000JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports ArenaCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 10 - 11DOTA 210000010000GuwahatiHopperz ArenaCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 10 - 11FIFA 19200002000BubaneshwarEsports Fight ClubCLOSEDLinkNATBA
Aug 10 - 11WCC Rivals65002000CoimbatoreBattlegroundsCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 10 - 11WCC Rivals65002000JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports ArenaCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 17 - 18CS:GO5000010000CuttackARGACLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 17 - 18DOTA 210000010000DeheradunRoty's Den. E - Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.CLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 17 - 18DOTA 25000010000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 17 - 18FIFA 19200002000MumbaiFidato GamingCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 17 - 18WCC Rivals65002000CuttackARGACLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 24 - 25CS:GO5000010000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 24 - 25CS:GO5000010000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 24 - 25DOTA 210000010000BhopalPowerplayCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 24 - 25DOTA 25000010000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 24 - 25FIFA 19200002000BengaluruBlitz ZoneCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 24 - 25WCC Rivals65002000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Aug 31 - Sept 1CS:GO5000010000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 31 - Sept 1CS:GO2500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 31 - Sept 1DOTA 25000010000GuwahatiGamers DenCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Aug 31 - Sept 1DOTA 25000010000BubaneshwarEsports Fight ClubCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Aug 31 - Sept 1FIFA 19100002000KochiWoot GamingCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Sept 7 - 8CS:GO5000010000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 7 - 8CS:GO5000010000MumbaiCircle Gaming LoungeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 7 - 8DOTA 210000010000LucknowGG Gaming CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 7 - 8FIFA 19100002000CuttackARGACLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 7 - 8WCC Rivals65002000LucknowGG Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 14 - 15CS:GO10000010000IndoreDomin8 Esports CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 14 - 15CS:GO5000010000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 14 - 15DOTA 22500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 14 - 15FIFA 19200002000HyderabadGamers GuildCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Sept 14 - 15FIFA 19100002000KolkataZoneCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Sept 14 - 15WCC Rivals65002000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 21 - 22CS:GO10000010000ChennaiARK8 GamingCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 21 - 22DOTA 25000010000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 21 - 22FIFA 19200002000DelhiUnited Gamers NetworkCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 21 - 22WCC Rivals65002000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 28 - 29FIFA 19100002000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 28 - 29CS:GO5000010000GuwahatiHopperz ArenaCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 28 - 29DOTA 210000010000KochiWoot GamingCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Sept 28 - 29FIFA 19100002000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Sept 28 - 29WCC Rivals65002000GuwahatiHopperz ArenaCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 5 - 6CS:GO5000010000BubaneshwarEsports Fight ClubCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 5 - 6CS:GO2500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 5 - 6DOTA 25000010000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 5 - 6FIFA 19200002000JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports ArenaCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 5 - 6WCC Rivals65002000BubaneshwarEsports Fight ClubCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 12 - 13DOTA 210000010000PuneIntencityCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 12 - 13DOTA 25000010000CuttackARGACLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 12 - 13FIFA 19100002000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Oct 12 - 13FIFA 19100002000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Oct 19 - 20CS:GO5000010000KolkataZoneCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 19 - 20CS:GO5000010000DeheradunRoty's Den. E - Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.CLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 19 - 20DOTA 210000010000CoimbatoreBattlegroundsCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 19 - 20DOTA 25000010000GuwahatiGamers DenCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 19 - 20FIFA 19100002000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 19 - 20WCC Rivals65002000DeheradunRoty's Den. E - Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.CLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 26 - 27CS:GO10000010000BhopalPowerplayCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Oct 26 - 27DOTA 25000010000MumbaiCircle Gaming LoungeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 26 - 27FIFA 19200002000LucknowGG Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Oct 26 - 27WCC Rivals65002000BhopalPowerplayCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 2 - 3CS:GO10000010000DelhiUnited Gamers NetworkCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 2 - 3DOTA 25000010000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 2 - 3DOTA 25000010000BubaneshwarEsports Fight ClubCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 2 - 3FIFA 19200002000BengaluruLXG, BengaluruCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 2 - 3WCC Rivals65002000DelhiUnited Gamers NetworkCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 9 - 10CS:GO5000010000KochiWoot GamingCLOSEDTBALinkTBA
Nov 9 - 10DOTA 25000010000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 9 - 10DOTA 22500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 9 - 10FIFA 19200002000GuwahatiHopperz ArenaCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Nov 9 - 10FIFA 19200002000IndoreDomin8 Esports CafeCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Nov 9 - 10WCC Rivals65002000IndoreDomin8 Esports CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 16 - 17CS:GO5000010000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 16 - 17CS:GO10000010000BengaluruBlitz ZoneCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 16 - 17DOTA 25000010000KolkataZoneCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 16 - 17WCC Rivals65002000BengaluruBlitz ZoneCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 16 - 17WCC Rivals65002000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 23 - 24CS:GO5000010000CuttackARGACLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 23 - 24DOTA 25000010000ChennaiLXG, ChennaiCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 23 - 24FIFA 19200002000AhmedabadDistrict 9CLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 30 - Dec 1CS:GO2500010000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Nov 30 - Dec 1DOTA 25000010000JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports ArenaCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 30 - Dec 1FIFA 19100002000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Nov 30 - Dec 1WCC Rivals65002000PuneHavok NationCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 7 - 8CS:GO5000010000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Dec 7 - 8CS:GO5000010000AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E - Sportz Club & Music zoneCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Dec 7 - 8FIFA 19200002000MumbaiCircle Gaming LoungeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 7 - 8FIFA 19100002000JalandharLegendary Gaming CafeCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 14 - 15CS:GO10000010000Pune IntencityCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 14 - 15DOTA 210000010000HyderabadGamers GuildCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 14 - 15FIFA 19100002000CuttackARGACLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 14 - 15FIFA 19100002000DeheradunRoty's Den. E - Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.CLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 14 - 15WCC Rivals65002000Pune IntencityCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 21 - 22CS:GO5000010000LucknowGG Gaming CafeCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Dec 21 - 22DOTA 210000010000MumbaiFidato GamingCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Dec 21 - 22FIFA 19200002000ChennaiARK8 GamingCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 21 - 22FIFA 19100002000KolkataZoneCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 21 - 22WCC Rivals65002000ChennaiARK8 GamingCLOSEDTBATBATBA
Dec 28 - 29CS:GO5000010000HyderabadPlaymaxCLOSEDLinkLinkTBA
Dec 28 - 29FIFA 19100002000KolkataFusion MaxCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
Dec 28 - 29FIFA 19100002000KochiWoot GamingCLOSEDLinkTBATBA
DateGameCityCafePrizepool (G Tokens)RegistrationBracketsSchedule
June 7CS:GOBengaluruLXG, Bengaluru7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 7DOTA 2HyderabadPlaymax7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 7FIFA 19GuwahatiGamers Den7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 14CS:GOChennaiLXG, Chennai7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 14DOTA 2KolkataFusion Max7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 14FIFA 19CoimbatoreBattlegrounds7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 14FIFA 19BhopalPowerplay7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 21CS:GOBubaneshwarEsports Fight Club7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 21DOTA 2BengaluruBlitz Zone7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 21FIFA 19AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E-Sportz Club & Music zone7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 28CS:GODeheradunRoty's Den. E-Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
June 28FIFA 19PuneHavok Nation7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 5CS:GOMumbaiFidato Gaming7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 5DOTA 2IndoreDomin8 Esports Cafe7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 12CS:GOHyderabadGamers Guild7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 12DOTA 2DelhiUnited Gamers Network7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 12DOTA 2CuttackARGA7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 12FIFA 19ChennaiLXG, Chennai7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 19CS:GOLucknowGG Gaming Cafe7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 19DOTA 2MumbaiCircle Gaming Lounge7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 19DOTA 2ChennaiARK8 Gaming7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
July 26DOTA 2AhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E-Sportz Club & Music zone7500CLOSEDTBATBA
July 26FIFA 19HyderabadPlaymax7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 2CS:GOAhmedabadDistrict 97500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 2DOTA 2BengaluruLXG, Bengaluru7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 2FIFA 19Pune Intencity7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 9CS:GOCoimbatoreBattlegrounds7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 9CS:GOJaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports Arena7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 9DOTA 2GuwahatiHopperz Arena7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 9FIFA 19BubaneshwarEsports Fight Club7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 16DOTA 2ChennaiLXG, Chennai7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 16DOTA 2DeheradunRoty's Den. E-Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 16FIFA 19MumbaiFidato Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 23CS:GOHyderabadPlaymax7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
Aug 23DOTA 2BhopalPowerplay7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
Aug 23FIFA 19BengaluruBlitz Zone7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
Aug 30CS:GOPuneHavok Nation7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 30DOTA 2GuwahatiGamers Den7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Aug 30FIFA 19KochiWoot Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 6CS:GOMumbaiCircle Gaming Lounge7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
Sept 6DOTA 2LucknowGG Gaming Cafe7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
Sept 6FIFA 19CuttackARGA7500CLOSEDLinkTBA
Sept 13CS:GOIndoreDomin8 Esports Cafe7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 13DOTA 2PuneHavok Nation7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 13FIFA 19HyderabadGamers Guild7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 20CS:GOChennaiARK8 Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 20FIFA 19DelhiUnited Gamers Network7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 27CS:GOGuwahatiHopperz Arena7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 27DOTA 2KochiWoot Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Sept 27FIFA 19JalandharLegendary Gaming Cafe7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 4FIFA 19JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports Arena7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 11DOTA 2PuneIntencity7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 11FIFA 19KolkataFusion Max7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 18CS:GOKolkataZone7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 18DOTA 2CoimbatoreBattlegrounds7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 25CS:GOBhopalPowerplay7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Oct 25FIFA 19LucknowGG Gaming Cafe7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 1CS:GODelhiUnited Gamers Network7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 1DOTA 2BubaneshwarEsports Fight Club7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 1FIFA 19BengaluruLXG, Bengaluru7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 8CS:GOKochiWoot Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 8DOTA 2JalandharLegendary Gaming Cafe7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 8FIFA 19GuwahatiHopperz Arena7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 8FIFA 19IndoreDomin8 Esports Cafe7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 15CS:GOBengaluruBlitz Zone7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 15DOTA 2KolkataZone7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 15CS:GOJalandharLegendary Gaming Cafe7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 22FIFA 19AhmedabadDistrict 97500CLOSEDTBATBA
Nov 29DOTA 2JaipurPlaybox Pro - A Premier Esports Arena7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 6CS:GOAhmedabadKryptonite Microsystems' E-Sportz Club & Music zone7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 6CS:GOKolkataFusion Max7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 6FIFA 19MumbaiCircle Gaming Lounge7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 13CS:GOPune Intencity7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 13DOTA 2HyderabadGamers Guild7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 13FIFA 19DeheradunRoty's Den. E-Sports Lounge & Gaming Cafe.7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 20DOTA 2MumbaiFidato Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 20FIFA 19ChennaiARK8 Gaming7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 20FIFA 19KolkataZone7500CLOSEDTBATBA
Dec 27CS:GOGuwahatiGamers Den7500CLOSEDTBATBA





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