ILG 1v1 Schedule

This is the schedule for the 1v1 tournaments happening in gaming cafes across all over India. Winners of 1v1 tournaments will win a Spin-the-G-Wheel voucher, which can be used to redeem your prizes.

* Registrations will take place on site.

City Cafes Dota 2 CS:GO Fifa 18
Ahmedabad District 9 27th July 17th August 7th September
Bangalore LXG Bangalore 13th July 13th July 13th July
Bangalore Blitz 1 17th August 22nd June 14th September
Bangalore Blitz 2 15th June 20th July 28th September
Chennai LXG Chennai 14th September 29th June 24th August
Chennai Elite Gamer 3rd August 6th July 1st June
Coimbatore Battlegrounds 6th July 1st June 3rd August
Cuttack AR Gaming Asylum 13th July 14th September 17th August
Guwahati Hopperz Arena 8th June 10th August 28th September
Guwahati Gamers Den 1st June 31st August 10th August
Hyderabad Playmax 10th August 15th June 28th September
Hyderabad Yolo Esports 7th September 31st August 20th July
Jaipur Fatality Gaming 31st August 29th June 27th July
Kochi Woot Gaming 14th September 1st June 6th July
Kolkata Fusion 20th July 27th July 7th September
Kolkata Battle Arena 15th June - 3rd August
Lucknow Battle Ax 29th June 13th July 17th August
Mumbai Circle Gaming 29th June 28th September 13th July
Mumbai Level up 22nd June 31st August 14th September
Mumbai VGS 6th July 1st June 29th June
Pune Havok Nation 6th July 10th August 8th June
Pune Intencity 21st September 15th June 27th July
Pune Gaming Ground 20th July 24th August 28th September
Pune ACG 29th June 17th August 7th September
Vellore Rock n Rolla 24th August 20th July 22nd June